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Fish the most fun, best run, best paying bass series in Iowa.

Our goal is to be Iowa’s most fun, best run, best paying bass fishing series.  Iowa Premier Bass is focused on improving tournament fishing by delivering the highest quality tournament experience for participants, fans, and the community while representing our sport with the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for the environment.

2022 schedule:

April 2-3 - Lake of the Ozarks

June 4-5 - La Crosse

July 9-10 - Mille Lacs

Sept 17-18 - Okoboji




Q and A

Q. What is the new Iowa Premier Bass Elite Series?

A. The IPB Elite Series is a high stakes series awarding HUGE PRIZE MONEY while improving

the chance of winning and leveling the playing field. Elite teams have a deep respect for the sport and their competition. Elites conduct themselves as professionals and hold each other accountable at the highest level.


Q. How much can I win at an Iowa Premier Bass Elite Tournament

A. Our goal is to be the best run, most fun, HIGHEST paying tournament series in the state.

Based on a full roster of 25 teams the paybacks will be as follows:


1st Place - $2500

2nd Place - $1250

3rd Place - $625

4th Place - $315

5th Place - $150

Big Bass - $250

2nd BBass - $100*


In addition teams have a chance to win great cash prizes from our sponsors.  For example in 2017 Imperial buildings paid $50 per tournament to the team with the lightest limit, Johnson Heating and AC paid the second big bass prize, and Bryant Glass paid $100 to a random team each event! All teams also compete for cash prizes from the Team of the Year points race.


Q. What is the Team of the Year points race?

A. IPB is the only tournament series in Iowa that offers a team of the year race. All tournaments are qualifying events. A winning team will earn 35 points, second place 34 points and so on.  Team of the year will be the team with the most points after the tournaments. The purpose of the points race is to make committing to the entire year more fun and rewarding. We want to reward teams for their commitment!


Team of the Year - $1500

2nd Place TOY - $1000

3rd Place TOY - $750

4th Place TOY - $500

5th Place TOY - $250


Q. Are IPB Elite Tournaments Opens?

A. No. IPB Elite Tournaments are closed.  Only teams on the roster prior to the season

starting can fish Elite Tournaments.


Q. Why does Iowa Premier Bass close the series versus having open tournaments?

A. IPB Elite Anglers have realized there is value in fishing an exclusive series against a

consistent group of other teams committed to higher levels of competition and making a series something to be proud of. IPB tries to fish large lakes in Iowa and surrounding states to increase the enjoyment and skill of its anglers.  Fishing opens series lends itself to anglers who only fish the same lakes, affectionately referred to as jack potters. Jack potters and locals lessen everyone else’s odds of winning. Closed tournaments eliminate teams who only fish their home waters. All teams will fish all tournaments not just the ones they think they can win.  You'll know your competitors for every tournament.


Q. How many teams are allowed on the roster?

A. The Elite roster has a maximum of 25 teams.



Q. Why does IPB Limit the roster?

A. Limiting the field to only 25 boats significantly stacks the odds of winning in your favor

while keeping the prize payouts large. Fishing against the same teams on different lakes evens the playing field by removing the “home lake” or “local knowledge” advantage. It also means less competition for the "spots" on small lakes. 25 teams is a very manageable tournament that is comfortable for most teams, it keeps weigh-ins moving fast and allows teams to get to know each other personally.  That camaraderie has become a huge benefit to all Iowa Premier Bass Elite teams.


Q. Is Iowa Premier Bass a club and are there membership fees?

A. No Iowa Premier Bass is not a club and there are no membership fees.


Q. What is needed to get my team on the IPB Elite roster?

A. Most important is the willingness to commit to fish the entire season. Commitment

means paying for the season in advance


Q. What does it cost to fish an IPB Elite season and how do I get on the roster?

A. The cost for a team to fish an IPB Elite season is $1000. This equates to $250 per tournament. In order to lock in the payouts and the roster of teams, IPB needs each team to pay in full in advance of the season starting.  Please fill out sign the registration form found on the website and send with your check to:


Iowa Premier Bass

2911 140th

Urbandale, IA 50323


You can also email a scanned copy of your registration and pay via paypal using as the address.


Q. When is the deadline to pay?

A. The roster will be filled on a first come, first served basis with current elites having first

right of refusal.  In order to secure a spot on the roster a deposit of $500 is due as soon as possible but no later than December 31st with the remainder due March 1st.


Q. Can I fish alone and weigh 5 fish now that Iowa law has changed?

A. Yes, however this is a team series. The assumption is that a team will realize the

advantages of two anglers and therefore will be named at time of registration.  In events outside of Iowa, that state law will still determine how many fish can be kept and weighed by a single angler.


Q. Can we have a substitute?

A. Yes.  Substitutes are $100 and must be named in advance and approved by the director.


Q. How does Iowa Premier Bass determine boat position?

A. Boat draw will be posted the Friday before the tournament and will be conducted via


Director - Scott Steinkritz - 515-988-5337

Iowa Premier Bass on Facebook

@ipbass on Twitter


Mailing Address:

Iowa Premier Bass

2911 140th

Urbandale, IA 50323


Interested in Sponsoring IPB?

Please contact Scott Steinkritz at 515-988-5337

or send an email to